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Manifesto of the Lotus

There is one thing that both unifies and divides us all; this thing is known as culture. As elusive as it is, culture is what we, those under the banner of Lotus House, strive to nurture, share, and even protect. As a whole we are accepting and unbiased, although we all have our own preferences. We are those who bring joy in times of war, those who share knowledge of all lands, and those who protect that which cannot protect itself.

We are the Enlightened.

The creation of the world and those things which inhabit it are for each to decide. We are not a religion or a home to any particular one. We do not hail from any one land but we have sworn our loyalty for the Alliance. We come from all reaches of the globe and every walk of life. We do not require a test of blood or faith, only a willingness to learn, the ability to accept and the want to share of ourselves.

We are the Merciful.

We recognize that each person has their own goals in this life, that each of us walks our own path. While we dare not direct those around us, we seek to give aid and support to one another. Some seek power and recognition while others take joy in the mere simplicity of life. This is where Lotus House truly derives its name, we are the compassionate blossom of truth, in each of us lies the resources for success, growth and happiness. As much of ourselves as we give, we also receive. Those who claim our title and wear our signet choose to walk a noble life.

We are Lotus House.

Guild News
Other Guild News

MoP is almost here!

Zanathiel, Aug 30, 12 10:01 AM.
So exciting isn't it?!

Our mini-plot leading up to MoP has started. For those members who join in, there will be chances to up your rank by taking part in this first little event. The event will be spread out over the next month leading up to the release of MoP.

We will -not- have any events the week that MoP releases, including our usual dragon run. Everything will resume the following week so that everyone has a chance to dive into the experience and not worry about guild responsibilities. Everyone is encouraged to level together! Try out the new instances and scenarios! The more we do together the more the guild benefits!

A few more things will be added to the Library in the mean time, namely regarding guild RP.

As always, we are open suggestions.

Moving Forward

Zanathiel, Aug 24, 12 3:39 PM.
As stated a week ago, the Guild Purge is scheduled to take place Tomorrow. Anyone who is not personally known by one of the GMs or who did not contact me directly will be removed from the guild. They'll be free to come back, should they wish to interview and join as a normal member, but with our focus returning to RP we aren't going to support the weight of those who will never be inclined to join in.

With that said, our numbers will drop drastically but this is for the best!

From here on out we will be supported by a stable structure and a few different systems that everyone can easily benefit from should they choose to.

We are still in need of two Officer positions filled. The application can be found on the forum.

Otherwise...our RP plot begins next Wednesday! I look forward to all of you being there.

New Site!

Zanathiel, Aug 17, 12 12:28 PM.
Hey guys! As you can see, we finally have a site! Woo! We are still working out a few kinks in the appearance but that will be adjusted as we go along. If you have any problems viewing any content please let me know.

There is quite a bit of information here but we'll finally be on the same page. I suggest everyone take the time to read the Rules and Code of Conduct in the Library. You'll also find specifics regarding the guild structure (only viewable by members) and so on, all located in the Library.

This site, especially the forum, will be a critical part of the future of this guild. Having access to it is not only suggested but required to move up in the guild.

On top of all this reading we are starting things off with a bang!

Officer applications can be found on the forum
Our monthly story contest has begun! More info on the forum
RP gatherings are being scheduled, our calendar here will reflect what is on the in-game calendar.

Over the next month we will put a few final touches on our guild RP, pending the release of MoP and Tides of War. We are also holding an inner guild plot leading up to MoP! Keep your eyes open for more information.
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